Top snorkeling spots

Embark on an aquatic adventure as you dive into Aruba’s crystal-clear waters to explore its mesmerizing underwater world. 

Snorkeling in Aruba is a gateway to a realm of vibrant coral gardens, playful marine life, and captivating shipwrecks that have become underwater habitats. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned snorkeler, Aruba offers an array of prime locations to immerse yourself in this enchanting activity.


Respect the Marine Life While enjoying Aruba's beautiful snorkeling spots, it's crucial to be mindful of the marine ecosystem.

Do not touch, pick up, or disturb any coral or marine life. Use only biodegradable, reef-safe sunscreen to minimize impact on coral reefs.

Thank you for helping us protect Aruba's underwater world for future generations.


Explore the serene beauty of Tres Trapi, a lesser-known snorkeling spot that promises a quiet escape on Aruba’s coastline. 

With its clear waters and diverse marine life, this hidden gem is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. As you wade into the gentle waves, you’ll discover vibrant coral formations and an array of colorful fish. 

The calm and shallow waters make it an ideal location for both beginners and experienced snorkelers. 


A family-friendly lagoon with calm waters and fantastic snorkeling opportunities.

Welcome to Baby Beach, a true paradise on Aruba’s coastline, designed for families to enjoy together. 

Its name comes from the gentle, shallow waters that are just right for kids and adults alike. 

This family-friendly lagoon offers calm waves that are perfect for splashing around, swimming, and even trying out snorkeling to explore the underwater wonders. 

But what makes Baby Beach truly special is its natural layout – it creates a safe and gentle wading pool, perfect for toddlers and young swimmers. 

It’s like having your private oasis within the larger ocean. So, if you’re seeking relaxation, fun, and unforgettable moments with your loved ones, Baby Beach is the perfect destination.


A serene beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling, with a backdrop of rugged cliffs. Serene and less crowded, Arashi Beach is a popular spot for snorkeling and swimming.

Did You Know: Arashi Beach is located near the California Lighthouse and offers fantastic views of the coastline.


Dive into the mysteries of the Antilla Shipwreck, an awe-inspiring underwater relic that transports you to Aruba’s maritime past. 

This massive German freighter sank during World War II and now rests beneath the crystal-clear waters, accessible to divers and snorkelers alike. 

As you explore the sunken vessel, you’ll encounter a mesmerizing world of marine life and vibrant corals that have made the wreck their home. 

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a curious snorkeler, the Antilla Shipwreck offers a unique opportunity to connect with history and witness the beauty of Aruba’s underwater realm

Did you know?

  • Length: The Antilla Shipwreck measures approximately 400 feet in length.


  • Depth: The shallowest parts of the wreck are just about 5 to 10 feet below the water’s surface.


  • Age: The ship was scuttled in 1940, making it over 80 years old.


  • Marine Species: Around 400 species of fish, along with various types of coral, have made the wreck their home.


  • Top Deck: The upper deck of the shipwreck is just about 5 feet below the surface, making it accessible for snorkelers.


Explore the hidden paradise of Mangel Halto, a lesser-known treasure on Aruba’s coastline. 

This secluded spot offers calm, shallow waters, making it an ideal destination for both novice and experienced snorkelers. 

Dive into the underwater wonderland and be captivated by colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life.

Beyond snorkeling, Mangel Halto’s tranquil ambiance invites visitors to bask in the sun, take leisurely strolls along the shoreline, or simply unwind with a picturesque view. 

fun fact

The seagrass beds and mangroves in Mangel Halto serve as a crucial ecosystem, supporting marine life and maintaining water quality.


Crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral, and a variety of fish species make this a snorkeler’s paradise.

Boca Catalina, a snorkeler’s haven boasting calm currents, striking coral formations, and an array of colorful fish species.

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